Asia Continent: Countries, Capital and currency! Important facts about Asia

Abhishek Ranavat

There are a total of 7 continents in the world: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia (which is also referred to as Oceania or Australasia).

Country Capital Currency
Afghanistan Kabul Afghani
Armenia Yerevan Armenian Dram
Azerbaijan Baku Azerbaijani Manat
Bahrain Manama Bahraini Dinar
Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladeshi Taka
Bhutan Thimphu Bhutanese Ngultrum
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Dollar
Cambodia Phnom Penh Cambodian Riel
China Beijing Chinese Yuan
Cyprus Nicosia Euro
Georgia Tbilisi Georgian Lari
India New Delhi Indian Rupee
Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian Rupiah
Iran Tehran Iranian Rial
Iraq Baghdad Iraqi Dinar
Israel Jerusalem (not recognized) Israeli New Shekel
Japan Tokyo Japanese Yen
Jordan Amman Jordanian Dinar
Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan Kazakhstani Tenge
Kuwait Kuwait City Kuwaiti Dinar
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyzstani Som
Laos Vientiane Lao Kip
Lebanon Beirut Lebanese Pound
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Ringgit
Maldives Malé Maldivian Rufiyaa
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongolian Tögrög
Myanmar (Burma) Naypyidaw Burmese Kyat
Nepal Kathmandu Nepalese Rupee
North Korea Pyongyang North Korean Won
Oman Muscat Omani Rial
Pakistan Islamabad Pakistani Rupee
Palestine Ramallah (de facto) Israeli New Shekel
Philippines Manila Philippine Peso
Qatar Doha Qatari Riyal
Russia Moscow Russian Ruble
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Saudi Riyal
Singapore Singapore Singapore Dollar
South Korea Seoul South Korean Won
Sri Lanka Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Sri Lankan Rupee
Syria Damascus Syrian Pound
Taiwan Taipei New Taiwan Dollar
Tajikistan Dushanbe Tajikistani Somoni
Thailand Bangkok Thai Baht
Timor-Leste (East Timor) Dili United States Dollar
Turkey Ankara Turkish Lira
Turkmenistan Ashgabat Turkmenistan Manat
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Dirham
Uzbekistan Tashkent Uzbekistani Som
Vietnam Hanoi Vietnamese Dong
Yemen Sana'a (de facto) Yemeni Rial

, here are some one-liner GK questions and answers on Asia:

  1. What is the largest country in Asia by land area? Answer: Russia.

  2. What is the highest mountain in Asia? Answer: Mount Everest.

  3. What is the largest river in Asia? Answer: The Yangtze River.

  4. What is the most populous country in Asia? Answer: China.

  5. Which country is known as the "Land of the Rising Sun"? Answer: Japan.

  6. What is the official language of Pakistan? Answer: Urdu.

  7. What is the capital city of South Korea? Answer: Seoul.

  8. What is the currency of Thailand? Answer: Thai Baht.

  9. What is the name of the famous desert in Mongolia? Answer: The Gobi Desert.

  10. What is the religion followed by the majority of people in India? Answer: Hinduism.

  11. What is the official language of Bangladesh? Answer: Bengali.

  12. What is the name of the strait that separates Asia and Europe? Answer: The Bosphorus Strait.

  13. Which country is home to the world's largest population? Answer: China.

  14. What is the currency of Japan? Answer: Japanese Yen.

  15. Which country is known as the "Land of Smiles"? Answer: Thailand.

Here are the top ten countries in Asia by population as of 2021:

  1. China - 1.4 billion
  2. India - 1.39 billion
  3. Indonesia - 276.5 million
  4. Pakistan - 225.2 million
  5. Bangladesh - 165.7 million
  6. Japan - 126.3 million
  7. Philippines - 110.4 million
  8. Vietnam - 98.7 million
  9. Iran - 84.5 million
  10. Turkey - 84.3 million

Important facts about Asia

  1. Asia is the largest continent in the world, covering about 30% of the Earth's total land area.
  2. Asia has the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, located on the border of Nepal and Tibet.
  3. The population of Asia is over 4.5 billion people, making it the most populous continent.
  4. The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze River in China, which is over 6,000 km long.
  5. The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world, stretching over 13,000 miles.
  6. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is in Asia - Damascus, Syria.
  7. The first printing press was invented in Asia by Bi Sheng in China in the 11th century.
  8. Asia is home to the world's largest desert, the Gobi Desert, which is over 500,000 square miles.
  9. The Taj Mahal, located in India, is one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in the world.
  10. The capital of Japan is Tokyo, which is also one of the largest cities in the world.
  11. The Dead Sea, located in Israel and Jordan, is the lowest point on earth and the saltiest body of water in the world.
  12. The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world, is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Australia, which is part of Asia.
  13. The ancient city of Petra in Jordan is carved out of rock and is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  14. The largest country in Asia is Russia, which spans two continents.
  15. Asia is home to some of the world's largest oil reserves, including those in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq.
  16. The Maldives, an island country in Asia, is the lowest country in the world, with an average elevation of just 1.5 meters.
  17. Asia is home to the world's largest and most diverse range of languages.
  18. The Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes that connected Asia and Europe, played a significant role in the development of Asian cultures and economies.
  19. The currency of Japan is the yen, and the currency of China is the yuan or renminbi.
  20. The Indus Valley Civilization, one of the world's oldest civilizations, developed in what is now Pakistan and northwestern India.
  21. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, runs through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  22. The Himalayan mountain range spans several countries in Asia, including India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.
  23. The currency of India is the rupee, and the currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee.
  24. Asia is home to the largest Muslim population in the world, with Indonesia having the largest number of Muslims.
  25. The largest sea in Asia is the South China Sea, which is surrounded by several countries, including China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia.
  26. The ancient city of Babylon, located in Iraq, was one of the world's greatest cities in ancient times.
  27. The currency of Iran is the rial.
  28. The city of Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia, is the holiest city in Islam and the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.
  29. The currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi riyal.
  30. The Ganges River, one of the most sacred rivers in the world, runs through India and Bangladesh.