List of Famous Fathers of the World


Famous Father's in India of various fields 

Father of Person
Nation Mahatma Gandhi
Ayurveda Athreya
Indian Renaissance Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Surgery Susruta
Astronomy Varahamihira
Sanskrit Drama Kalidasa
Indian Unrest Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Indian Budge Professor Mahalanobis
Indian Painting Nandalal Bose
Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke
Indian Engineering M.Visweswariah
Indian Green Revolution Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
Indian Railway Lord Dalhousie
Co-operative Movement in India Frederic Nicholson
Indian Printing James Hickey
Local Self Government in India Lord Ripon

 Father of various fields in the world 

Father of Person
Psychology Sigmund Freud
Cloning Ian Wilmut
Printing Guttenberg
History Herodotus
Economics Adam Smith
Philosophy Socrates
Sociology Augustus Comte
English Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer
Biology Aristotle
Essay Montaigne
Medicine Hippocrates
Homeopathy Samuel Haniman
Socialism Robert Owen
Scientific Socialism Karl Marx
Co-operation Robert Owen
Jurisprudence John Locke
Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rehman
Pakistan Muhammed Ali Jinnah
Atom Bomb Otto Hahn
Genetics Gregor Mendel
Motor Car Henry Ford
Reformation Martin Luther
Greek Democracy Clesthenes
Tanzania Julius Nyrere
Nuclear Physics Ernest Rutherford
Modern Drama Henrik J. Ibsen
Modern Tourism Thomas Cook
Painting Leonardo Da Vinci
Mathematics Pythagorus
Modern Cartoon William Hogarth
Modern Computer Charles Babbage
Green Revolution Norman Borlaug
Renaissance Petrarch

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