One Word Substitution in English for competitive exams

Abhishek Ranavat

 One Word Substitution list

One-word substitution is very important in cracking any competitive examination requiring English, such as ssc cgl, ssc chsl, Ibps po, Ibps clerk, and other exams

50 Plus One Word substitution

A fourteen line poem is called Sonnet
To secure a boat by attaching it to an anchor is called Moor
To try to settle a dispute between two other parties is called Mediate
To free a person by a verdict of ‘not guilty’ is called Acquit
One who hates mankind is called Misanthrope
Walking in sleep is called Somnambulism
The unwelcome aspect of a situation is called Flip-side
A person who leaves his own country in order to go and live in another Emigrant
An individual who has been forced to leave their country or home, because there is a war or for political, religious or social reasons Refugee
An individual who has come to live permanently in a country that is not their own Immigrant
A man who helps a stranger or a person in difficulties is samaritan
An individual who can suffer pain or trouble without complaining or showing what they are feeling. Stoic
someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human wellbeing Altruist
The one who has a special ability in story telling is called Raconteur
An individual who tells a story, especially in a book, play or film Narrator
The act of injuring another’s reputation by any slanderous communication is called Defamation
A process involving too much official formality is called Red-tapism
A person who enters without any invitation is called Intruder
A thing which is not suitable for eating is called Inedible
The medical study of skin and its diseases is called Dermatology
A recurrent compulsive urge to steal Kleptomania
A story in which animals or objects speak and give wholesome moral lesson is called Fable
One who makes an official examination of accounts is called Auditor
A person who deliberately sets fire to a building is Arsonist
That which cannot be effaced is called Indelible
Conferred as an honour Honorary
A person who deserves all praise is called Laudable
The burial of a corpse is called Interment
One who is skilful is called Dexterous
A study of ancient things is called Archaeology
One who is too careless to plan for the future is called Improvident
One who runs away from justice or the law is called Fugitive
Make pale by excluding light Etiolate
One who has a long experience is called Veteran
To die without making a will is called Intestate
One who is concerned with the welfare of others is called Altruist
A thing fit to be eaten Edible
A land fit for growing crops is called Arable
A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn a skill Apprentice
The opinion which is contrary to accepted doctrines is called Heresy
That which cannot be avoided is called Inevitable
An excessive fear of confined spaces is called Claustrophobia
Extreme fear of water Hydrophobia
Extreme fear of dogs Cynophobia
Extreme fear of depths (deep water, falling from heights) Bathophobia
The science of communicating by sign language using the hands and fingers Dactylogy
The scientific study of trees Dendrology
The study of the nature of values and value judgements Axiology
A person who looks at the bright side of things is called Optimist
An individual who believes that people only do things to help themselves, rather than for good or sincere reasons Cynic
An individual who always expects bad things to happen Pessimist
An individual who praises important or powerful people too much and in a way that is not sincere, especially in order to get something from them Sycophant
A remedy for all diseases is called panacea
The loss of the ability to feel pain while still conscious Analgesia
A record of historical events Archives

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