Phobia Words for SSC and IBPS PO & CLERK

Abhishek Ranavat


A list of Phobia words
Agoraphobia An extreme or irrational fear of open or public places
Androphobia Fear of men
Arithmophobia Fear of numbers
Aphenphosmphobia Fear of being touched
Atychiphobia Fear of failure
Amaxophobia Fear of riding in a car
Anthrophobia Fear of flowers
Altophobia An abnormal fear of heights
Aerophobia Fear of flying
Acrophobia An extreme or irrational fear of heights
Algophobia Fear of pain
Autophobia An abnormal fear of heights
Aichmophobia Fear of pointed objects needles
Atychiphobia Fear of failure
Anthropophobia Fear of people or society
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Barophobia Fear of gravity
Botanophobia Fear of stairs or steep slopes
Botanophobia Fear of plants
Cacophobia Fear of ugliness
Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrors
Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces
Chronophobia Fear of Time
Cyberphobia Fear of computers
Cynophobia Fear of dogs
Chromophobia Fear of colors
Centrophobia A dislike of being in the centre
Cellophobia An extreme fear about beauty
Dipsophobia An abnormal and persistent fear of drinking alcohol
Dendrophobia Fear of trees
Dentophobia Fear of dentists
Demonomania A delusion of being possessed by evil spirits
Dystychiphobia Fear of accidents
Domatophobia Fear of houses
Ergophobia An abnormal and persistent fear of work or finding employment
Entomophobia Fear of insects
Equinophobia Fear of horses
Gamophobia Fear of marriage
Gynophobia Fear of Women
Genophobia Physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse
Geraphobia Fear of old age
Graphophobia Fear of writing or handwriting
Gnosiophobia Fear of knowledge
Glossophobia Fear of speaking in public
Heliophobia Fear of the sun
Hydrophobia Fear of water
Hemophobia Fear of blood
Hypochondria Fear of illness
Hematophobia Fear of disease
Iatrophobia Fear of doctors
Insectophobia Fear of insects
Logophobia An obsessive fear of words
Lilapsophobia Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes
Microphobia Fear of small things
Megalophobia Fear of large things
Mysophobia Fear of dirt and germs
Noctiphobia Fear of night
Nyctophobia Fear of dark
Nosocomephobia Fear of hospital
Necrophobia Fear of death or dead things
Obesophobia Fear of gaining weight
Ombrophobia Fear of rain
Ophidiophobia Fear of snakes
Ornithophobia Fear of birds
Pyrophobia Fear of fire
Philophobia Fear of love
Pathophobia Fear of disease
Scolionophobia Fear of school
Somniphobia Fear of sleep
Sociophobia Fear of social evaluation
Tachophobia Fear of speed
Technophobia Fear of technology
Venustraphobia Fear of beautiful women
Xenophobia Fear of strangers or foreigners
Zoophobia Fear of animals

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