Abhishek Ranavat

List of important One Word Substitution

An allowance made to a wife by her husband, when they are legally separated - Alimony
One who believes everything he or she hears - Credulous
Incapable of error - Infallible
One who compiles a dictionary - Lexicographer
A gathering at a religious place - Congregation
A place where birds are kept - Aviary
Art of working with metals - Metallurgy
Rules governing socially acceptable behaviour - Etiquette
Lasting for a very short time - Ephemeral
A person who is easily deceived or tricked - Gullible
Submission to all that happens as inevitable - Fatalism
One who is unable to pay one’s debt - Bankrupt/Insolvent
An opinion contrary to popular belief - Heresy
One who studies mankind - Anthropologist
A collection of poems - Anthology
To officially take private property away to seize - Confiscate
Someone having many skills - Versatile
Something which is imagined to be real but actually doesnot exist - Figment
Someone who scientifically studies the birds - Ornithologist
A short story based on your personal experience - Anecdote
A building in which aircraft are housed - Hangar
A former student of a school, college or university - Alumnus
Wild imagination - Fantasy
A poem of fourteen lines - Sonnet
Artistic, musical or dramatic interpretation - Rendition
Not likely to be easily pleased - Fastidious
A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army - Mercenary
A collection of slaves - Coffle
One who is always doubting - Sceptic
One who offers his service of his own free will - Worker
A person who shows off his learning - Pedant
A person who devotes his/her life for the welfare of others - Altruist
A person who attends to the diseases of the eye is an - Oculist
The study of worms and insects - Entomology
Medicine to counteract the effect of a poison - Antidote
An act or notion to look back in the past - Retrospective